1. Transport

With the price of COE being absurdly high and Singapore being very small, it would be a better choice to use the public transport to commute in Singapore

adult travel card

Adults can apply for the Adult Monthly Travel Card and also apply for the Adult Monthly Travel Pass(AMTP)

AMTP cost table

If you do not apply for AMTP, you will have to pay adult fare. So only apply for the AMTP if your monthly transportation expenses is greater than the rates given by the AMTP. You can calculate your fare here.

If you tap in before 7.45am, $0.50 will be deducted from that fare you have to pay.

2. Meals

home cooked meal

Instead of contantly eating out, you can save money by cooking at home. Additionally, you should use less meat in the meals you cook and more vegetables as meat cost more

To prevent frivolous purchases, plan out the meals you are going to make for the week. You should also try to modify your meals according to what food products are on sale

If you cant finish your meal, freeze it for a later date so it will not go to waste.

3. Budgeting

piggy bank

You can save more money if you plan out how you are going to spend your money and stick strictly to the plan you will have more money saved than if you just spend money on the fly.

To make sure you do not spend money on trivial objects, place the amount of money unused into a savings account at the end of each week.